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90 years of history:

Sole Leather manufacturers since 1929.

Slow vegetable tanning, classic method in pits.

Elegance, comfort and respect for the environment.

Tannin powder Double butts in drum Bottali
Pits Drum Vasche e Bottali

We use the best raw hides of European origin for the production of sole leather and leather for belts and accessories.

Quality and service are our goals, together with practices to reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and energy.


Sole leather

Sole leather for all types of outsoles, heels coverings and welts.

Thicknesses from 3/3.5 mm up to 5.5/6 mm

Any kind of finishings and colors. Dyed in drum and dyed through colors.

Customized articles.

Sfrobiciatura Cilindro Rifinizione
Asciughi Magazzino Cuoio Cartella Colori


Vegetable tanned leather, shoulders double butts for belts and leather goods.

The leather is made with the best European raw hides, both cows and bulls.

Thicknesses from 1.0mm up to 4 / 4.5mm, for an average area of 1.8 / 2.0 square meters per double butt.

Natural crust, black, dark brown and cognac.

Any kind of finishings and colors. We also make articles on request.


LWG Leather Working Group

This tannery has been audited against the Leather Working Group Environmental Auditing Protocol Issue 7.2.1
Unique Reference Number: CON201

LWG Leather Working Group Silver Rated Conceria 3S


Conceria 3S is part of the Cuoio di Toscana consortium.

Cuoio di Toscana gives the Tanneries the exclusive use of the Cuoio di Toscana quality mark, together with the Guarantee and Certification tools for the sole leather such as Protective Film and Authenticity Tag.
Quality assurance and traceability for the tannery, for soles and shoes manufacturers and for end customers.

Cuoio di Toscana
Cuoio di Toscana


Lineapelle Fair, Milano Rho
20-22 / 02 / 2024
Pad 15 - Stand M29



Conceria 3S srl

Via dei Conciatori, 2/4
56024 Ponte a Egola
San Miniato (PI) Italia

TEL : +39 0571 498372

P.IVA: IT 02149960508

SDI/Cod.Univoco: WY7PJ6K

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